Silver Bromide Gelatin Resources

The Light Farm
Denise Ross runs this site which contains all manner of information related to silver bromide gelatin emulsions. It has a number of different gelatin dry plate emulsion recipes worth trying, including an older version of Mark Osterman's MO-1880 recipe that has since been revised in Christopher James, Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, 3rd Edition. Use the newer recipe as the old one calls for the use of chrome alum, a hardener which should ONLY be added to emulsion being re-melted for pouring plates to be used in a hot environment (85ºF or above).

Artcraft Chemicals
Chemicals, beakers, glass stirrers, aprons, etc.

Bostick & Sullivan
Chemicals, beakers, glass stirrers, safety goggles, aprons, etc.

Lund Photographics
Beakers, glass stirrers, lexan plate racks, etc.

Photographers Formulary
Chemicals, glass stirrers, beakers, aprons, opaque plastic bags, etc.
Thymol crystals, glass cutters, nitrile gloves, cork backed straight edge ruler, digital thermometers, Pyrex loaf pan, steel mixing bowl, stainless steel mesh drainer, Luer-Lok style plastic syringes and blunt tip Luer-Lok needles, stainless steel potato ricer, LED red "party" bulbs, electric crock pot, electric skillet, stainless steel spoons, stainless steel flat edge Roux spoon, etc.

Fabric stores
Sheer white nylon or polyester cloth -- enough for 25 inch square

Hardware stores (local and big box)
Wood and hardware for chilling table leveling stands

Tile stores
12 x 12 inch marble tiles