Ziatype Resources


Bostick & Sullivan

Digital Negative Resources

Clay Harmon
David "Ike" Eisenlord -- QuadTone RIP Photoshop script. Use this with Clay Harmon's palladium curve instructions
Stouffer Industries -- TP4x5-31 transmission step wedge


Ziatype Demo Part 1 with Jessica Somers
Ziatype Demo Part 2
Ziatype Demo Part 3
Ziatype Demo Part 4


Ziatype Kits

Bostick & Sullivan

Chemicals and other photographic needs

Artcraft Chemicals
Chemicals, beakers, glass stirrers, aprons, etc.

Bostick & Sullivan
Chemicals, UV exposure boxes, beakers, bottles with eyedroppers, glass stirrers, safety goggles, aprons, protective mask, etc.

Edwards Engineered Products
UV exposure boxes, vacuum frames, custom made darkroom sinks, tray rockers, exhaust vent hoods, etc.

Freestyle Photographic Supplies
UV exposure boxes, darkroom accessories, watercolor paper

Lund Photographics
Beakers, bottles with eyedroppers, glass stirrers, lexan plate racks, etc.

Photographers Formulary
Chemicals, bottles with eyedroppers, glass stirrers, beakers, aprons, opaque plastic bags, etc.


Nitrile gloves; shot glasses, ; Christopher James, Book of Alternative Photographic Processes, 3rd edition; Ron Reeder, Digital negatives for Palladium and Other Alternative Processes.

Watercolor Paper

Binders Art
Dick Blick
Jerry's Artarama (also carries Richeson 9010 "Magic Brush)
Freestyle Photographic Supplies